survival and U.S. preparedness


It can be overwhelming to know what to buy. But there are certain areas of prepping that are especially important. These include food, water, personal hygiene, personal protective equipment, and some special tools. These are the items that will preserve life and prevent illness. We think MAMABEAR PREPPING does an excellent job covering this subject

Just an overall prediction of possibilities with possible preemptive solutions the best you can now why it is always
prudent to see the more significant global threats as we cover in that previous video i think it’s also essential to see the risk rising right now that may come to a head in 2021 that will impact you directly these issues that are already starting to impact people today can lead to a larger element in the collapse of systems upon which we rely it is therefore prudent for us to understand that these threats today will impact you tomorrow here are the 10 immediate threats we’ll see in 2021 and i’ll cover in each point how you can prepare yourself and your family to survive them.

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